The gift of nature

It's a 5am Monday morning. In between the bouts of sleepiness and the awareness of people sharing the air plane space with you is a place you can create for yourself. Head phones in, meditation music on, and a wonderful reminder of the places that truly reached your soul. I took the picture above at... Continue Reading →



The title of this post means much more to me than the revival of this blog after a long hiatus - it means revival of my writing, of my personal interests, and of the time I spent with my camera. None of these are feelings that are new to others - as humans, we frequently... Continue Reading →

For those who know me, it's an unsaid fact that I love sunsets, quiet evenings, and the calmness of the night. This picture is that of the first sunset I captured in 2016. On February 3rd, I was in rural Kerala with a friend and spent a while watching the sun go down. To me,... Continue Reading →

Sometimes you have encounters that stay with you for life.┬áThis picture is a reminder of just such an encounter. On a hot summer day, I was driving around in Delhi with a friend. We pulled up under a tree on a shaded by-lane and were sitting there chatting. As soon as I opened the door... Continue Reading →

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