When You Fall…

Remember when you were a child and you fell? Your parents would hold your tiny hands and help you get up. They would dust you off and watch as you limped by their side for a few moments. They always smiled when you forgot about the pain and took up your usual gait. It’s been instilled in us that we must always get up, dust ourselves off and resume on our paths.

But somehow, as I sit here this afternoon, I doubt that theory. Life isn’t always about getting back up and carrying on to your destination. I have always been a staunch believer of the “get back up on the horse and gallop away” theory. It seems dreamy and perfect, incorporating not just a sense of courage, determination and vision but also warding off the evils of defeat. But is it always defeat? Perhaps it’s time to just sit there on the ground where you fell and give yourself a rest. Perhaps it’s time to breathe and decide… uninfluenced by the world around you. Maybe it’s one of those rare times where what you need is to stop in your tracks. Maybe this is one of those times for you, and people all around tell you to get back up, but life is trying to teach you something, sprinkling your path with hints… and if you don’t take a moment, maybe you will miss the beauty of this moment… maybe you will miss the opportunity that only comes once.