Where happiness lives

That empty window on the top floor In the building with half broken walls Where edges of broken bricks frame the meaningless window Screaming of a bulldozed past That’s where happiness lives In the curtains that once moved to the early morning wind In the drapes behind which a child once playfully hid As his... Continue Reading →


What you didn’t know about Meghalaya

A few months ago, I found myself in Meghalaya - a state in the far North East of India which is known for its beautiful mountainous terrain and Cherrapunji, the rainiest place on Earth (or the second rainiest one now since it has been taken over by a nearby village Mawsynram). However, the many wonderful... Continue Reading →

For those who know me, it's an unsaid fact that I love sunsets, quiet evenings, and the calmness of the night. This picture is that of the first sunset I captured in 2016. On January 3rd, I was in rural Kerala with a friend and spent a while watching the sun go down. To me,... Continue Reading →

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