The gift of nature

It's a 5am Monday morning. In between the bouts of sleepiness and the awareness of people sharing the air plane space with you is a place you can create for yourself. Head phones in, meditation music on, and a wonderful reminder of the places that truly reached your soul. I took the picture above at... Continue Reading →



We all like to call ourselves independent - it's seen in a positive light by the world and ascribing to a positive characteristic is simply common sense. But what does it mean to be truly independent? It means more than just having emotional strength. It means having no ties to hold you back. And that,... Continue Reading →

For those who know me, it's an unsaid fact that I love sunsets, quiet evenings, and the calmness of the night. This picture is that of the first sunset I captured in 2016. On February 3rd, I was in rural Kerala with a friend and spent a while watching the sun go down. To me,... Continue Reading →

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