Action Against Crimes in 2012

Newspapers these days are avoiding publishing the horror stories of women being harassed in Gurgaon, only because they want to save their readers from having to read about these ugly realities early in the morning. Some of these newspapers claim that they shall post the occasional article on the subject when they see that authorities are not taking the matter seriously and crime is not being fought with the vigor that should inherently be part of the police forces. I read one more such article today.

I shall not question the intentions of the media, but it is appalling to me that the police in Gurgaon has chosen to find the easy way out by asking companies, clubs and other establishments to not have their female workers work beyond 8pm. If you are a lady and you think that this is highly convenient, I would like to point out that this also takes away from your freedom of seeing friends after work because it signifies that the authorities are washing their hands off the matter and are hesitant to take responsibility of ensuring your security and punishment of those who threaten it. Besides, this means that you have lower chance of being hired than the men because these establishments, especially clubs, will be forced to think twice about hiring a woman if they require late night workers.

On one hand, there is the police of Gurgaon letting go of its responsibilities and on the other hand, there is the Kony 2012 campaign going on with rising interests of international authorities. People have taken up the cause of fighting evil forces and the most dangerous criminals on within their own capacity. All these efforts are being made to create international concern on crucial anti-crime issues and to help grasp the attention of governments and help initiate action.

Amidst all this, it seems that this Facebook-generation is being pushed to work together to fight and raise awareness about criminals such as Joseph Kony. It is also moving in a direction where legal authorities are leaving it up to the citizens to handle their own security and well-being. Is justice becoming a matter that must be dealt with at an individual level now? It seems that the day when all the global citizens must join hands together to ensure mutual safety within and without borders is not far…

The only hope now seems that the citizens of India decide to take it upon themselves to further the cause and like ‘The Invisible Children’, resolve to bring forth constant, unyielding attempts to challenge the decision-makers and demand that interest is taken is eradicating the root causes of these security concerns. Perhaps that’s what it will take for the Indian Law Enforcement authorities to ensure that law and order is maintained.